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Akcay, Cihan Resistive MHD Simulations of HIT-SI plasmas [none] University of Washington
Anderson, David T Plasma Flows and Currents in the HSX Stellarator and Future Directions [none] Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison
Andreason, Samuel P Initial Results of FRC Merging and Compression on the Pulsed High Density FRC Experiment [none] University of Washington - PDL
Asai, Tomohiko New control methods for stabilization and equilibrium of a field-reversed configuration 1 Nihon University
Bellan, Paul M. Investigations into what an open-field line, current-carrying magnetized plasma really does [none] Caltech
Belova, Elena V Including electron kinetic effects in FRC simulations [none] PPPL
Chaplin, Vernon H. Development of a Compact RF Pre-Ionization System for an MHD-Driven Jet Experiment 1 Caltech
Cobble, James A. The Microwave-Driven Bumpy Torus 2 Los Alamos National Laboratory
Cohen, Samuel A Progress on the PFRC-2 device* 1 PPPL
Ennis, David A. Overview of HIT-SI Results and Plans 2 University of Washington
Garnier, Darren T. The Case for High-Power ICRF in the Levitated Dipole Experiment 1 Columbia University
Goldston, Rob Use of ICC Facilities for Plasma-Material Interaction Testing [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Golingo, Raymond P. A Two Point Thomson Scattering System for the ZaP Experiment 1 University of Washington
Gota, Hiroshi A Well-Confined Field-Reversed Configuration Plasma Formed by Dynamic Merging of Two Colliding Compact Toroids in C-2 3 Tri Alpha Energy, Inc.
Gray, Travis K Preliminary measurements of edge impurity fluxes in the lithium tokamak experiment 2 ORNL/ORISE
Gray, Tim Turbulence and selective decay in a long cylindrical geometry in SSX* [none] Swarthmore College
Hakim, Ammar H Two-Fluid Simulations of Field-Reversed Configuration Rotation Control and Stability [none] Tech-X Corporation
Hansen, Chris J Equilibrium and Stability Calculations in HIT-SI [none] University of Washington
Hegna, Chris C Healing of magnetic islands by plasma flow 2 University of Wisconsin
Hicks, Nathaniel K A New Design of a Polarimeter for Non-invasive Internal Magnetic Field Measurements on the HIT-SI Spheromak 1 University of Washington
Horton, Robert D. Formation and analysis of accelerated non-hydrogenic compact toroid plasmas on CTIX 1 University of California, Davis
Hossack, Aaron C. Measurements of Energy and Helicity Cascades and Relaxation Rate in HIT-SI 3 University of Washington
Howell, Eric C. Extend MHD simulations of decaying spheromaks 2 University of Wisconsin, Madison
Hughes, Michal C Insulator Modifications to Increase Plasma Source Duration on the ZaP Flow Z-Pinch 2 University of Washington
Ii, Toru Merging Formation of Oblate Field-Reversed Configurations with the Assistance of Neutral Beam Injection 2 The University of Tokyo
Inomoto, Michiaki Neutral Beam Injection to Oblate FRC Formed by Plasma Merging Method 2 The University of Tokyo
Intrator, Tom Does Sweet-Parker reconnection occur in Field Reversed Configurations? [none] Los Alamos Natl Lab
Jarboe, Tom Physical requirements and milestones for the HIT-PoP Experiment 2 University of Washington
Ji, Jeong-Young General-moment-equation approach to partially ionized plasmas [none] Utah State University
John, Loverich J Simulation of Field Compression Using High Mach Number Plasma Jets [none] Tech-X Corporation
Kendall, Mark K Experiment to Study Alfven Wave Pulses Along Curved Moving Magnetic Flux Tubes [none] Caltech
Kim, Charlson C Overview of NIMROD Simulations at the PSI Center [none] U. Washington
Knecht, Sean D Overview of the ZaP Flow Z-pinch Experiment 2 University of Washington
Knowlton, Stephen F. Disruption avoidance in current-carrying tokamak/stellarator discharges in CTH 1 Auburn University
Kyle, Caspary J Pellet injection into axisymmetric and 3D helical plasmas in the MST RFP 1 University of Wisconsin - Madison
Laberge, Michel G Progress at General Fusion [none] General Fusion Inc.
Light, Adam D Turbulent Stresses in LAPD and CSDX [none] University of Colorado
Maingi, Rajesh The ORNL collaborative boundary physics program on LTX, and its synergy with the NSTX boundary physics program 1 Oak Ridge National Lab
Majeski, Richard Recent Results from LTX [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Lab
Marklin, George J. MHD Simulations with PSI-TET [none] University of Washington/PSI-Center
Masamune, Sadao Low-aspect-ratio RFP plasma properties in two characteristic regimes in RELAX 2 Kyoto Institute of Technology
Meier, Eric T. Development and validation of a two-fluid plasma-neutral model [none] University of Washington
Milroy, Richard D. A comparison of NIMROD simulations of RMF current drive with 3-axis probe data from the TCSU experiment 2 PSI-Center and RPPL, University of Washington
Moser, Auna L. Experimental observation of instability cascade from MHD to ion skin depth scale resulting in magnetic reconnection 1 Caltech
Nagata, Masayoshi Flow and dynamo measurements in the HIST double pulsing CHI experiment 2 University of Hyogo
Neilson, G. H. Stellarators as Pilot Plants and Power Plants 1 Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Nelson, Brian A Progress on Digital Control of the HIT-SI Power Supply Systems 2 University of Washington
O'Bryan, John B. Numerical Simulation of Non-Inductive Startup in the Pegasus Toroidal Experiment 2 University of Wisconsin-Madison
Ono, Yasushi High Power Reconnection Heating of FRCs and STs in TS-3 and TS-4 Merging Experiments [none] University of Tokyo
Raman, Roger Disruption Mitigation Studies in NSTX 2 University of Washington
Raman, Roger Demonstration of Tokamak Inductive Flux Saving by Transient CHI on NSTX 2 University of Washington
Reid, Remington Measurements of plasa wave and instabilities in the Maryland Centrifugal Experiment 2 Univeristy of Maryland
Reusch, Joshua A. Magnetic-Diffusion-Induced Electron Transport in the MST RFP [none] UW - Madison
Romero-Talamás, Carlos A. Plasma isorotation, differential rotation, and stability at the Maryland Centrifugal Experiment 1 University of Maryland
Ross, Michael P Design of a digital holographic interferometer for the ZaP Flow Z-pinch 2 University of Washington
Shikama, Taiichi Design and development of a polarization resolved spectroscopy for measurements of the magnetic field in Caltech spheromak 1 California Institute of Technology
Slough, John Fusion Based on the Inductively-Driven Lithium Liner Compression of an FRC Plasmoid [none] MSNW LLC
Smith, Roger J Internal magnetic probing results of driven and decaying HIT-SI discharges 1 University of Washington
Sokolov, Vladimir Measurements of Electron Thermal Transport due to ETG Modes in a Basic Experiment in CLM 1 Columbia University
Sontag, Aaron C Evaluation of Magnetic Diagnostics for MHD Equilibrium Reconstruction of LHD Discharges [none] Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Soukhanovskii, Vsevolod A. The snowflake divertor configuration: a game-changer for magnetic fusion devices? 2 Lawrence LIvermore National Laboratory
Sovinec, C. R. MHD Modeling of Coaxial Helicity Injection in HIT-II and NSTX [none] Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison
Steinhauer, Loren C Hybrid equilibria of axisymmetric, divertor tori, with application to field-reversed configurations 2 University of Washington
Stenson, Eve V. Quantification of MHD flows into arched open magnetic field structures [none] Caltech
Takahashi, Toshiki Toroidal spin-up due to electron fluid fluctuation of a field-reversed configuration 2 Gunma University
Thomas, Eric Electrostatic Focussing Lens* [none] School of Science & Technology
Unterberg, Zeke A. Edge Soft X-ray Imaging and Inversion Techniques for Measurement of Magnetic Topology during 3-D Magnetic Perturbations 1 ORNL
Uriu, Hirotoshi Control of field-reversed configurations through a translation process 1 Nihon University
Velas, Katherine M. Three-Axis Magnetic Field Measurements in the TCSU RMF Current Drive Experiment 2 RPPL, University of Washington
Victor, Brian S. Evidence for Separatrix Formation and Sustainment with Steady Inductive Helicity Injection 2 University of Washington
von der Linden, Jens Two-Fluid Plasma Lattice Boltzmann Model [none] University of Washington
Votroubek, George R Plasma Liner Formation and FRC Compression [none] MSNW, LLC
Watanabe, Takayuki Computation of Neutral Gas Flow Generation from a CT Neutralization Fuel-Injector 2 Gunma University
Welch, Dale R. Initial particle-in-cell modeling of the upgraded PFRC-2 field-reversed configuration device with odd-parity rotating magnetic fields 2 Voss Scientific
Wurden, Glen US Collaboration on the W7-X Stellarator 2 Los Alamos National Laboratory
You, Setthivoine A novel experiment to measure ion self-helicity conservation [none] University of Washington
Young, Willliam C Magnetic Structure of the Maryland Centrifugal Experiment 1 University of Maryland
University of Washington

Workshop on Innovation in Fusion Science (ICC2011) and
US-Japan Workshop on Compact Torus Plasma
August 16-19, 2011
Seattle, Washington

ICC 2011