February 23-26

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Auburn University will host EPR 2016

The workshop will be held at The Hotel at Auburn University and Dixon Conference Center, 241 South College Street, Auburn, Alabama 36830.

This web site is the official source for all the details of EPR2016. Please bookmark this page, and check back with us frequently as we continue to post additional content.


About the conference

The Exploratory Plasma and Fusion Research Workshop is a continuation of the Innovative Confinement Concepts Workshop series, which last met in Madison, Wisconsin in 2014, Fort Worth, Texas in 2013, Seattle, Washington in 2011, Princeton, New Jersey in 2010, Reno, Nevada in 2008, College Park, Maryland in 2007, Austin, Texas in 2006, and Madison, Wisconsin in 2004. The 2016 workshop will provide a forum for an exchange of ideas through presentations and discussions on the status of exploratory topics in fusion energy and plasma science.

In addition to presentations on research results in our community since the last workshop, the 2016 workshop will focus on a few themes to emphasize an intellectual and scientific balance of research ideas.

  • Improvements for Fusion Energy Science (including better utilization of 3D magnetic fields)
  • Validated Comparisons between Simulation and Experiment
  • Other Exploratory Plasma Research

The 2016 workshop will feature invited talks solicited from the greater fusion energy and plasma science community on these and other topics.

The program committee will select invited talks, and in addition will solicit contributed papers describing experimental, theoretical, or computational work presently done in the EPR program, and papers describing new ideas for possible proposals. The contributed papers will be presented as posters, which will be displayed during the workshop.

This workshop encourages presentation of results and concepts that have the potential to address issues with the mainline concepts, or to lead to a second-generation practical fusion power system, complementing and supporting the important feasibility steps of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER), and the National Ignition Facility (NIF). The EPR experiments also complement the mainline concepts in the advancement of fusion plasma science. These experiments test the general validity of theoretical predictions and models in plasma physics in wider parameter regimes, develop new ideas in fusion technology, and cross-fertilize with other fields of plasma science.