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General Fusion Magnetized Target Fusion update

Author: Michel G Laberge
Requested Type: Consider for Invited
Submitted: 2012-12-14 22:15:47

Co-authors: General fusion Team

Contact Info:
General fusion inc.
108-3680 Bonneville Place
Burnaby, B.-C.   12345

Abstract Text:
General Fusion is a private company developing fusion energy. I will first describe General Fusion acoustically driven MTF design. The advantages of this particular MTF scheme will be discussed. Our work and results so far will be presented. Some interesting 3D computer simulation results showing closed flux surfaces were recently obtained. I will finish with our plan for future work.

Characterization: 4.0


University of Texas

Workshop on Exploratory Topics in Plasma and Fusion Research (EPR2013)
February 12-15, 2013
Fort Worth, Texas

EPR 2013